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About to buy xPort


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Hello everyone,

I have the xPort in my basket and am about to click buy.
I'm buying it to read and write to a nand chip.
I already have a 360-clip with 56 pin uni clip.
Wiring from the uni clip to the xPort will be through a breadboard.
Would this be a problem?

The nand chip I want to read and write is the H27U4G8F2DTR-BC, but it is not in the supported nand list.

the chip is listed under H27U4G8F2D on https://www.usbdev.ru/databases/flashlist/flcbm93e98s98p98e/

Am I buying the right flashchat?

Thanks in advance!


Yes you are buying the correct Flashcat, you need to make sure you have jumper wires small enough to fit in the xPort, also you may want to use an external 3.3v source for in circuit NAND reading.

There are xPort adapter boards for the 360 and Uni clips



P.S. I find the 360 clip to be more reliable than the Uni clip... See attached files with pinout and datasheet, these may be useful if you are going to breadboard it (Edit: you can also find the schematics on the EC website)


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Thanks for the reply and info.
@ricktendo any idea where I would be able to buy a 2mm to 2.54mm pitch adapter so I can fit jumper cables on the xport?
I could ofcourse buy zeigrens clip adapter, but thats another $40.


I don't know if a male 2mm to male 2.54mm DuPont cables exist, I know there are female to female cables (but the plastic on these may be restrictive)

I would try Ethernet wire see if that does the trick.
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