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Atmega µC Firmware


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Short question: is it possible that you can provide the latest Source Code for the Atmega µC? (Atmel Studio?)
I see that the Visual Studio Source Code is available - but for the microcontroller there are only precompiled .hex-files avaible.

I am planing to do some ADC-Measurements. So I need to port the Frimware to the Atmega32U4 or connect an I2C ADC instead.
Other Plan was to do some generall GPIO operartions, which alows us to controll the target board or read some states back from it.

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Hi Daniel

you will need to send an email to contact@embeddedcomputers.net requesting the source code for the firmware. That is the developers contact and only he has access to that specific source code.


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I think the firmware hex file can already run on the ATMEGA32U4. However, doing so would be a violation of the software license. While the source code to the exe is published, its still property of EmbeddedComputers.

From the LICENSE file:

6. The Licensee MAY NOT use the Software on non authentic hardware or any device not manufactured by EmbeddedComputers.net, this includes hardware clones, standalone microcontroller kits or other development kits of any kind. Only GENUINE hardware produced by EmbeddedComputers.net and sold through authorized reseller channels may constitute authentic hardware.

So you would need to contact EC and request a developer's license to be able to legally do that.