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Flashcat USB V2.2 hardware fault


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today i burned my flashcat USB classic.
It seems that i killed the mosfets right above the 4 pin socket-stripe:

I am quite sure, that is a p channel mosfet?
Unfortunately i cannot find a replacement type, because the marking is not readable anymore :/

Can someone please tell me the marking or the part number of the used device?
It seems that the µC is still okay. When i power the device by applying 5V to the µC directly all is working as expected.
So booth switches for the atmega power supply seems to be broken....

Thank you very much!


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FCUSB Classic 2.2 uses three MOSFET power switches (partnumber STMPS2171). This part was chosen between it has operating voltage for 3.3V and 5V devices and has reverse current protection. In addition, it also supports 1000mA continuous current.