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Hardware for reading MT28EW128ABA1HJS Parallel NOR TSOP 56 pin


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I would like to acces firmware on a MT28EW128ABA1HJS Parallel NOR TSOP 56 pin.
I know the FCUSB xport is compatible but I'm unsure what I should buy next:
- Uni-clip 360-Clip, NOR 56-pin, solderless IC adapter (blue?) https://www.shop01media.com/en/TW_1102-Uni-clip-360-NOR-56-pin-solderless-IC-adapter
Uni-Clip kit, 56-pin, solderless IC adapter (yellow?) https://www.shop01media.com/index.php?route=product/product&search=clip&product_id=100

what is the difference ? I know there is a green one too.

- TSOP56 TYPE A Adapter https://shop.zeigren.com/tsop56-type-a-adapter.html
- PSU Adapter (needed ?) https://shop.zeigren.com/psu-adapter.html
- 56 pin TSOP Delta Probe Test Clip https://www.adapt-plus.com/products_html/8800-0188.html

the flashrom Lead-Pitch is 0.5 mm

Thank you for your help


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I don't recommend using clips, unless for last resort. EC does not make an adapter for TSOP56 NOR, and I have heard that Zeigren is no longer shipping adapters. If you are only going to do this once, I recommend you contact EC and ask to send your board in to have the TSOP56 desoldered and read, if this is something you are not able to do. Otherwise, I recommend an XPORT and TSOP56 adapter.


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Thank you for your answer, I purchased xport and tsop adapter. Desoldering is in last resort for me.
Otherwise I think about use the main cpu jtag to read the flash. For now I search the cpu bsdl or openocd config file.