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Issues with read and chip erase on W25N01GV


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We have a Flashcat Classic connected to a Winbond W25N01GV and were seeing some strange behavior with the chip erase and the read operation.

The chip erase takes an extremely long time (over 15 minutes, possibly up to over an hour). When it completed, the original data was still on the chip, so the erase operation was not successful. This flash chip does not actually have a chip erase command, so to do chip erase it should be doing block erase repeatedly. I took a peek with a logic analyzer during the chip erase, and it looked like it was repeatedly doing a read operation and then reading back all 0xFF's.

If I read the chip with 'Create image', this is successful, but took a long time (about 2 hours). Then, I was able to write the image in 7-8 minutes and this seemed to work.

Do you have any ideas why the chip erase would be failing, or why 'create image' takes such a long time?
First, you are using a socket?
Second, Classic uses software NAND protocol over SPI. It is very slow for that reason. Pro uses a hardware implementation and is thus, much, much faster.
The SPI flash chip is in a custom circuit board. I was connecting the Flashcat to SPI pins on a header using short jumper wires.
I will look into using the Pro for faster write speeds.
I would also test out circuit using a socket. If there is no issue there, then it is the in circuit causing a problem.