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Miracle flash chip


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I have been programming Adesto Dataflash SPI flash chips AT45DB161D (2MB) and AT45DB321D (4MB) using a Flashcat Classic v2.3.

I erased the memory, then saved the memory to a file to verify it was overwritten, it was all FF. Then I did an upload operation to a microcontroller that shares the same SPI lines using an IDE. Now I want to verify that the data on the Dataflash chip was not corrupted by the program upload to the microcontroller over the same SPI lines.

In Flashcat I read the memory contents to a text file on my PC. When I view the file, miraculously, I find the original data, BEFORE THE ERASE, is now present in the written file (on my PC)! And some spurious noise later in the file, which I assume was from the microcontroller upload.

How is this possible? I erased the chip. Flashcat said it was successfully erased. Then I verified it was erased by reading the memory to the PC file. How could the data miraculously be put back on the chip? Unless Flashcat is not operating correctly...

Any help would be appreciated.



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An update:

The Flashcat data window shows all FFs after the chip erase, however, if I choose "Read memory to disk" the original data is in the written file.