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MX29GL128F chip erase fails, but autodetecting (and reading) works OK with clip ?


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Hi guys,

I have a small board here with a flash chip MX29GL128F.
Using a clip it is correctly detected and reading is also OK, however chip erase doesn't work.

The WP# pin is pulled-up to 3v3.

Any idea what could be causing this ?
I haven't tried it in a TSOP56 socket yet but I will do so when my MX29GL128F parts will arrive.



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It seems all sectors were protected!
Now erasing/writing works fine after unlocking all sectors.


You should share your modification with the developer, so this can be added to the general release.


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Yeah maybe so .. he's free to contact me about details, or anybody else for that matter.


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I think you're making too much fuss over this.
Just look at any of those flash's datasheets and it clearly says how to unlock a sector if locked.
If the developer is interested in adding such code he can do it more quickly and cleanly than I can.

Please close this topic now.