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Problem with connecting FlashCat USB


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One BIG update with my PROBLEM!!! I updated now all 2 BIOS chips after disconnected (desolder) from the motherboard with FCUSB and after solder back works correctly in both cases :)

from chip must be connected on pins to FCUSB
(chip number pins -> FCUSB pins)
(8) VCC - (not connect to FCUSB) only connect to +3,3V from ATX PSU - orange cable / pin FCUSB (1) is free !!!
(7) HOLD - only connect to +3,3V from ATX PSU !!!! (orange cable in ATX 24pin)
(6) CLK - to CLK fcusb (6)
(5) DI - to SO fcusb (3)
(4) GND - to GND fcusb (8)
(3) WP - not connect
(2) DO - to SI fcusb (4)
(1) CS - to CSO fcusb (5)

after turning ON and start flashcat program (without SQI mode) detected chip W25Q64 from MSI motherboard and after that it's already very easy (load and write new BIOS to chip)

THX to jhenak for his ideas and experiments with flashing and also D3m0n for his help and patience with me.
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Glad you got it working , I think the big issue with FCUSB lower than V2.2 is the power issue , especially with some motherboards , as a lot of the power is drawn elsewhere you are not getting the proper detection.
In future it may be worth not using the VCC from FCUSB but an alternative power source to supply the needed 3.3/5v .