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Xport detects Winbond W25N01GV and Stops


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My xport detects the Winbond W25N01GV SPI NAND and Stops...just shows "Detecting connected flash device" and doesnt progress.

console output:
FlashcatUSB Script Engine build: 306
Welcome to the FlashcatUSB interfacing software, build: 600
LibUsbDotNet version:
Running on: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (64 bit)
Serial NOR memory database loaded: 410 devices supported
Serial NAND database loaded: 53 devices supported
Parallel NOR memory database loaded: 324 devices supported
Parallel NAND memory database loaded: 194 devices supported
OTP/UV EPROM memory database loaded: 16 devices supported
Connected to FlashcatUSB XPORT, firmware version: 4.57
Firmware features supported: SPI, I2C, EXTIO
Attempting to detect SPI NAND device
Successfully opened device in SPI NAND mode
Connected to SPI NAND Flash (RDID:0xEFAA21)
Flash detected: Winbond W25N01GV (134217728 bytes)
Flash page size: 2048 bytes (64 bytes extended)