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5101U script???

A script should be easy enought to make for this model , but first do you get a detection with bcusb on this model usin ISP or are you removing the SPI for programming ?
Try this script , i do not have this model , so this will be a trial and error procedure. So make sure you have a working backup before trying this .
I have not set the script up to load any haxoware firmware images , first need to verify that it does what it needs to on Original firmware.


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will this be correct for the sb5101u? using the vcc so i dont have to power the modem with power adapter?
to read the spi


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This is the layout for connecting to the 8 Pin SOIC

Allthough if you are not using ISP mode or lifting the chip of the board , you do not have to connect Hold to VCC , and you may need to find an alternative power source , by connecting your VCC on the chip to an external 5v adapter.
k thank you, so i believe i got the whole layout right, so so the best this for me (without lifting the chip off the board) is to bridge the isp?
k thank you so i believe i got the whole layout right, so so the best this for me (without lifting the chip off the board) is to bridge the isp with modem power supply? or dont bridge isp
and connect the modem power supply still?
Your layout on your diagram was wrong as you had SI going to SI and SO going to SO , where it should be SI-SO & SO-SI.
Either option is viable , by using the ISP pin connecting it to VCC on the bcusb adapter and powering the modem normally or connecting VCC on the chip to an external 5v suppply and not using the modems power supply.
whoa lol thanks for the correction .... well im gna try and post my findings since noone has :)
Excellent , as long as you get a detection the rest is easy , allthough you will be the first to test the script out , so make sure you make/have a working backup first.
hmm something see to be bridged that i dont see cause modem blink for a sec. then off.....im gna get another sb5101u tonight maybe i should wait for the test clips to come in the mail lol

in mean time anything i can do with the ambit U10C018 with the bcusb?
Did you solder wire to the chip legs ? That should normally be the place were you would expect to bridge connections with stray solder. It is a lot easier with some test clips.

The U10C018 does not contain any visable Jtag points and has a TSOP48 , only method you can use on them is with a TTL connection to the serial points on the board , and hope that you have a noisy bootloader.
well im probably not gna wait till i get the test clips lol probably another 2-3 days till..but question....when all connections are made and plugged to bcusb are lights on modem
suppose to blink as normal or just blink once when the isp is not bridged?
Different devices have different ways of reacting when connecting the bcusb , but normally if you do not have the ISP pin connected to VCC the modem should still boot as normal , if it does not , unplug the usb from bcusb to verify that it is not the programmer causing this. If the device still does not boot normally after unplugging bcusb there is a possable bridge somewhere.

With having ISP connected , one of two things could happen once you connect the power , either you will have no LED's on or all may be on. As i do not have this device i cannot tell you exactly what sequence it could be.
i think i missed something ...are you saying solder a wire to the bridge isp to the vcc of the chip or isp to vcc on bcusb
Basically as long as your connections to the bcusb programmer are okay , it should all connect without any issues. ISP can be an issue on some devices , some devices require the programmer to be set on the 3.3v setting .
ok so i got another sb5101u but before i messes with the new one i removed the chip from the the other one and hooked it up t
o BC and it read it i made a copy i think by clicking read and saving correct? so anywho...i got it to read :)
so your script seems to read and save from boot,firmware,firmware1 and cfg.... now what? lol
All depends what you wish to do with the device now , as for loading custom firmware there is only hax available for that particular model. The script is not setup to load hax but can be easily modified if you wish to do so.