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Ambit 256 SPI ?


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Feel i should know, have googled and no simple yes/no
Should i be able to re-flash Ambit 256 using BCusb v1.2?
Would i use spi or other ?

You should be able to flash the A256 using bcusb using the spi feature. You may have issues getting it work via ISP as there seems to be issues on the A256 with this process , I have one of these modems and am currently trying to figure this out. You can however remove the SPI and flash it direct using bcusb.
appears fine @3.3 and 5v MX25L160
I've add picture mostly for my reference. I got SI SO wrong way round....doh



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Yes the bcusb pinout is somewhat confusing regarding SI/SO , you will have no issues programming it at 5v , as it is within the recommended spec. I have previously created a script for the A256 , but at present i am not at home until the weekend , i will upload it then, but you should be able to program a full Backup without a script.
Try this one out , it is just set to read/write original firm at the moment , but it can be modified to load Hax if need be. You will notice it has the boot and Cfg as one file , do not worry about this too much as it will not cause an issue , if just a bootloader needs to be loaded we can adjust as needs be.


Make sure you make a few full backups of the modems flash first before you start messing about , that way you have a recovery .
Made an ammendment to the script , to fix boot read and write , also A256 is now ISP compatable with the new 13.5 software , thanks to the new detection feature.

I noticed you have the bcusb v1.2 , now i know that does not have the 3v/5v switch , so you may notice ISP mode not detecting on some models due to this.


I've got my modems but lifes getting in the way...sigh
Yes i do have v1.2 how ever been using other dev boared and draw power from modem so voltage not really issue.
(using v13.0 not v13.5 untested by me)I could read firmware but not write it. Still with new update guess sorted.

Thx again
Hmm strange , i have just did a read/write using the new and old script and it works ok ,, tell me were you trying to load original firmware or modified haxorware to it ?
With old software i could read flash but not write it.
New software have only run it to look/see.
My apologizes for that.
Just tested on old soft RC13 and flash reads and writes ok ,, lets see what happens when you test RC13.5
Oh...well in that case i did something wrong.
Which is always better

I'll make an effort later to try ISP later. Didn't have any problems with soic de-soldered+programming.
And post back
Excellent , lets hope it is not a major issue , smaller ones are easier to fix.