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Anyone know good software for error correction for NAND dumps?


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I've got a bunch of NAND dumps for my device but it plagued with errors, looking at the HEX it seems to partially boot the NAND when powering it up (it stores firmware) - I want to get a pure/clean copy of the NAND's firmware data, I've been researching all week and can only find error correcting as a solution, effectively removing the crap out of the dump, is there a software approach to this? Or am I dumping the NAND wrong in the first place? Thanks in advanced :)
What are you using to dump the NAND and is it ISP or out of the board?
If you have bad blocks on the NAND and it is in sectors that are relevant you may be screwed.
Hey D3m0n, thanks for your reply! I can send you the dump if you could spare a few mins to look over it? You can tell me if I'm screwed or not haha. it's in-board.
What hardware/software did you use to dump the firmware?
Also what device is it from, ISP dumping sometimes is not the best.
I used the Flashcat X-Port on a ST Micro NAND256W3A with 360-clip to connect to the board, also added extra 3.3v power, software I used was FlashcatUSB build 643 on parallel NAND mode. The device is a Sonos Play 5 Gen 1 attached to the board.
ISP mode can be unreliable, i personally would recommend you pull the NAND from the board and read it that way, so that there is nothing interfering with VCC readings etc and possibly giving you false dumps.