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Blackcat USB Build 250 Software Package (With SPI and x64 Support )


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Latest un-official release is Build250


Blackcat USB is the software used with your Blackcat USB JTAG programmer for the programming EJTAG and SPI Devices such as cable modems including the SB5100, SB5101, SB6120, and SBV6220.

  • All .NET software (JTAG DLL rewritten from C++ to C#)
  • Added user submitted SBV6220 script *
  • Added Webstar DPC2100 script *
  • Added over 19 more SPI Flash chips (one MX, 2 ST, 3 Atmel, 4 Winbond and 9 SST)
  • Added CFI flash definitions for over 50 flash types! (See enclosed txt with supported flashes)
  • Added FlashFind command feature (see below)
  • Subscript feature removed and replaced with a Autorun.ini instead. This will allow you to easily select the device script for a given JTAG DEVICE.
  • Improved: JTAG Flash speed increased 20%! Typical time to program a 1MB firmware file: Less than 25 seconds! Typical time to read a target device firmware: less than 10 seconds! (Speed will vary depending on processor/flash device)
  • Bug fixed: Fixed script when user would cancel a action or scripts using labels that begin with the word "exit".

This new feature allows you to easily find a connected CFI compatible flash device on a JTAG chain. Use the command "JTAG.FlashFind" to start the process. It will scan all viable memory addresses and connect for reading/writing. This feature is great for programming flash devices on devices that you do not know that hardwired address.

Please give us back feedback to help us finish the final software, which will be part of the much bigger RC release that is coming soon.