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Can erase and read but always fails verification on very first address MX29LV640ET


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I have the Flashcat 570 build, and the xPort with the 4.45 firmware on it. I can read , and erase the chips fine but i have 12 brand new MX29LV640ET from digi key and all of them fail to write verify right away at 0x0

FlashcatUSB Script Engine build: 300
Welcome to the FlashcatUSB interfacing software, build: 570
LibUsbDotNet version:
Running on: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview (64 bit)
Serial NOR memory database loaded: 369 devices supported
Serial NAND database loaded: 28 devices supported
Parallel NOR memory (x8/x16) database loaded: 296 devices supported
SLC NAND memory (x8) database loaded: 139 devices supported
Connected to FlashcatUSB xPort, firmware version: 4.45
Firmware features supported: SPI, I2C, EXTIO
Initializing EXT I/O hardware board
EXT I/O board successfully initialized
Attempting to automatically detect Flash device
Mode NAND X8 returned ident code: 0x0000000000
Mode NOR X16 (Type-2) returned ident code: 0xC222C90008
Successfully detected device in NOR X16 (Type-2) mode
Connected to Flash (CHIP ID: 0xC222C90008)
Flash detected: MXIC MX29LV640ET (8,388,608 bytes)
Programming mode: EXT I/O (Parallel)
Device interface: NOR X16 (3V)
Multi-chip select feature is enabled
CFI table loaded successfully
Write mode supported: Type-3 (Word Program)
Opened file for writing: MXIC_MX29LV640ET_00-7FFFFF.bin, (size: 8,388,608 bytes)
Target Flash address: 0x00000000, bytes to write: 8,388,608 bytes
Address 0x2: wrote 0x1 and read 0xFF (41763 mismatches)
Address 0x2: wrote 0x1 and read 0xFF (41760 mismatches)
Address 0x2: wrote 0x1 and read 0xFF (41697 mismatches)
Data verification failed at 0x0