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Creating a Script for use with BCUSB

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I will try to expalin the basics of starting and making your own scripts for use with bcusb , firstly you need to start with a few basics . In the following example i have used a Belkin router as a test using Ejtag.
Open notepad and paste the following :

There will be a few things you will change here depending on your device , the MyDevice will obviously be the device you will be using and in the commented bits (#) you can put a short description of it , like CPU etc

The arrow pointing to the Jtag.MemoryAddress is (0x0) for this build you will notice in RC13 it is (0x80000000) , so if you are still using this build then use that address.

You will need to add your BCM to the Autorun .ini file as well in order for the script to be recognized as well as the device.

634817F:Belkin f5d7633-4(4M).bcs:Belkin f5d7633-4(4M)
^ ^ ^
BCM Name of script Name of device

When you save the script it must be saved in .BCS format for the software to recognise it

When you start the software you should now be presented with the following

You should now have a new tab with your script name on the top as well as an Active script. There will be a drop down box if you have more than 1 device with the same CPU (BCM)

And finally clicking on the Script tab on the top it will give you a blank page as follows:

This will be blank as we have no added anything else into the script ..YET.
Adding a Group

Once the above is done you can start to customise your layout to your liking , Firstly you need to add a command to create the group , , I have named my first group CFE

You can see the name CFE is added as well as the dimensions of the box as you will see here :

You can alter the shape and size etc , by modifying the 10,10,420,54 , have a play with these , save and reload your device and you will see how the Group box changes .

Name of group, (X-axis), (Y-axis), Length, Height , these are what the numbers represent.
Adding Buttons

Now to add your Read and Write buttons , or the names you choose to call them . Similar process as the step above add the following to your script and save

Once again you need to arrange your layout accordingly , Easy way to do it , is to add the numbers , save and load the script , you will see where the buttons are in accordance to your box , you should soon after a while get to know the layout .
And the result of those entries will be as follows:

You now have your Read and Write Tabs . You can now add your other Groups and buttons that you require

with the result looking like this :

Remember you can customise this to your liking . The Moto logo is optional , you do not need to add this into the script if you do not wish to do so.

More to follow , the adding of the sizes and code to read/write .....stay tuned
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