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Unable to detect the flash of a DPC3825.
Flash chip is a 16pin Spansion, I believe it should be being detected,.
Maybe i'm using the wrong ISP point?
Connected to FlashcatUSB Pro, firmware version: 1.07
Voltage set to: 3.3V
Attempting to detect SPI device (auto-detect mode)
Successfully opened device in SPI mode
Connected to SPI Flash (RDID:0x000000 REMS:0x4000)
For device support email contact@embeddedcomputers.net with the CHIP ID
Disconnected from FlashcatUSB Pro device


Flashcat does not use ISP point, you leave the modem disconnected from power and use the VCC pin to power the chip up. If you have PCB v2.2 I think you can switch #1 off and power the modem normally (I tried once but it did not work)


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I wired it according to the manual and I get dim lights so i think it is getting power , but it doesn't detect the flash.