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EJTAG Firmware on FC Classic?


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Flashcat beginner, here.

I'm trying to connect my Flashcat classic (v2.3) to a WRT-54GL via router JTAG header. My understanding is that in order to use JTAG mode on the Flashcat classic, I need first to flash it with an EJTAG firmware, but the problem is that every one of those firmwares that I have found, and flashed to my Classic seems to brick it, since my OS no longer recognizes the device, until I flash it back to the "2.3" firmware that came bundled with the (latest) Flashcat software.

If I try using the Flashcat with the bundled firmware, and the 4mb WRT54G script, then it identifies the broadcom cpu (4712) but fails to identify the flash on my router (Intel).

What am I doing wrong? Back in the day, I was able to easily unbrick this router using a "wiggler" cable connected to my PC's parallel port, and I didn't need complicated firmwares, scripts, etc.. Sigh.

Anyway, thanks in advance. :)
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EJTAG support has been dropped from Classic. It was moved to Professional for further development.