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Flashcat and KBC controllers?!


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Just a thought: Has anyone tried to read or write the EEPROM found in KBC controllers of laptop and desktop motherboards (ITE, ENE, WINBOND...) and what is so special about the memory inside of them that they require special programmers. At the end of the day, it has to be just some simple memory (SPI, I2C or other behind controller), right? Most of them have 192kb capacity tops.
Sorry if the question is noobish, but I repair quite a few laptop motherboards and I found myself in need of such programmer and thought what if it can be done with Flashcat which I really like.
The chineese RT809F has some extension board called PEG-1 that can do the thing with most ITE KBCs, and if it is just the next SPI programmer, why Flashcat wouldn't be capable of doing it also.


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Probably, but more would need to be known. Datasheets or existing programming code. Right now this type of feature request is not a high priority over the current Mach1 development that is on going.