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Flashcat classicnot detected


New Member

I ordered a flashcat from a random person online for a project but cannot get it recognized. I tried two different PCs. On both it'll power up the red LED, but USBView on Windows 10 does not even recognize that something is plugged into that port.

I checked the PCB under my scope and the solder joints are all fine, so no obvious damage. Silkscreen says "PCB 2.3". Hopefully not fake?

Am I missing something stupid or do I need to ask the seller for a refund?
It doesn't sound like it is functioning as it should , Post some pictures of it , and we might be able to tell you if it is fake or not ,,,, either way i would return it to the seller as it does not work
I'm sorry, it was just the USB cable in the package that was bad. Swapped it for the one from my printer and it works great!