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Flashcat Pro 3.1 doesn't update


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I've updated the software to ver 5.66 and get stuck on "performing automatic update" The blue led blinks but nothing more happens. Current version of the firmware is 1.22.

Tried in bootloader mode and same problem.


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FlashcatUSB Pro 3.x has been officially discontinued. No more units are going to be made. In addition, software support maybe removed in the future.

This is because the platform has been migrated to a much better hardware solution: PCB 4.0 is now in production and will be shipping at the end of this week.

The major changes are the processor has been upgraded to the ATMEL SAM3U. This features an embedded high-speed USB interface (480Mbp/s). In addition, the level shifter has been replaced with an Altera CPLD with programmable 160 logical elements and independent oscillator running at 40Mhz (80Mhz in DDR mode). This new hardware configuration will allow the device to program itself in-circuit and change how to interface with external devices. Thus, it will make a really good SPI programmer, but also be able to change into a really fast and efficient JTAG interface tool. In addition, this should have no problem interfacing with external devices in-circuit.

Because of this, the price has been increased. But the new functionality and features should more than make up for that.

And better news, if you already have a PCB 3.x, EC will be doing a 1-month exchange program. Use the 'Contact Us' on www.embeddedcomputers.net and request a RMA. The price will be $20 for USA and $25 for international which includes return shipping. PCB 4.0 is only possible because of the strong support for PCB 3.x which is how we got the to development level needed to build 4.x.

Any questions?

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Thanks, time to order a new one. But, Do you know what is the latest version that supports it?