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FlashcatUSB Classic 2.2 Giveaway For Contributors (updated)


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As many of you know, the FlashcatUSB software is reaching build 500. This ultra polished version finally merges all code into a single executable and will offer multiple new features and device support. To celebrate this milestone, we are going to re-translate all of the text (ascii strings) for the multi-language options. For successful translations, I will award the user a free FlashcatUSB Classic (PCB 2.2), USB cable, a choice of connector, and shipping. If more than one translation is submitted and both are very accurate, I will reconcile them and award both users.

Official rules:
1) You must live in the country of the target language.
2) You must be of 18 years or older.
3) Every phrase must be properly translated (using local dialect terminology if needed), estimated to be around 100.
4) You must speak English well as a second language.
5) Your country must allow imports from USA.

And finally, the languages we will need translated:
1) Spanish 2) Portuguese 3) French 4) German 5) Italian 6) Russian 7) Japanese 8) Arabic 9) Hindi 10) Korean


Instructions: You only need to translate "Column C", which is the text used in the software. The column B is the label the text exists, and the last column may contain comments to give context. Also, if you are not sure what a text/phrase means, just email or message me and ill try my best to help explain.

Please email finished files to: contact@embeddedcomputers.net

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Count me in for Español, hopefully this is not yet taken!

Edit: what is that second IDC connector with the yellow circuit board?
I finished rev1 of the Spanish, found couple typos in the English translation

C20=Missing period from "i.e"
C50=I think you meant "Successfully"
C102="Verifying" missing a letter