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FlashcatUSB.exe thinks, but doesn't open


New Member
Hello, I haven't used my FlashcatUSB xPort (PCB 1.1) in a little while. When I try to open the FlashcatUSB exe, I get the "thinking" cursor for a second, but it stops and the program never actually opens.

I used to use an old build just fine, but lost the software at some point when I wasn't actively using it. I downloaded the latest software and ran it. It did open, but told me the hardware is no longer supported. At that point, I found build 603 on this site as the last one supporting the 1.1 PCB, and it is the one that doesn't open when I try to run it. Could running a newer version have caused a problem? I did uninstall the xPort's drivers and re-install them using the drivers downloaded with 603.
I grabbed an old laptop and downloaded 603 there. It works like a charm, so my project isn't being blocked by this issue anymore. I would like to understand the issue, however, or at least bring it to your attention. If you need any other details, please let me know. Thanks!