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FlashCatUSB - Help Writing to Memory Using Script Engine


New Member
Hi All,

I am brand new to working with the FCUSB tools and working w/flash memories in general and I've found myself in need of some help using the scripting engine. I am using the FCUSB Mach1 with a TSOP-48 that I am using to interface with a Micron MT29F16G08CBACA parallel NAND flash. I have been able to connect the FlashCatUSB software with all of the hardware and do some very basic scripting, but when I try to write to the flash memory using the memory.write() command in a script and load it into the software I get the following error returned in the console: "Error in script: Unknown function or sub procedure (line x)" where line x contains the line of my script with my write operation. I have tried using other memory commands such as memory.read(), memory.sectorsize(), memory.sectorerase(), etc. and they all work just fine. Furthermore I can write data to memory on the "NAND Flash" tab via a binary file so I know it isn't an issue with the chip. If anyone can offer me any guidance I would greatly appreciate it. Apologies if the solution is something obvious but as I said I'm brand new to all of this.
I tested this and it works:

db = memory.read(0,512)