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FlashCatUSB Mach with TSOP-48 NAND X8 clip read only half (2GB) of 4GB memory


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FlashCatUSB Mach with TSOP-48 NAND X8 clip read only half (2GB) of 4GB memory.

Welcome to the FlashcatUSB interfacing software, build: 632
Copyright 2021 - Embedded Computers LLC
Running on: Windows (64 bit)
FlashcatUSB Script Engine build: 312
Serial NOR memory database loaded: 486 devices supported
Serial NAND database loaded: 57 devices supported
Parallel NOR memory database loaded: 379 devices supported
Parallel NAND memory database loaded: 247 devices supported
OTP/UV EPROM memory database loaded: 44 devices supported
Connected to FlashcatUSB Mach?, firmware version: 2.27
Voltage set to: 3.3V
Detecting connected Flash device...
Initializing Parallel NAND device mode
Parallel mode successfully initialized
Attempting to automatically detect Flash device
NAND clock speed set to: 20MHz
Mode NAND X8 ASYNC returned ident code: 0x8988244BA9
Successfully detected device in NAND mode
Connected to Flash (CHIP ID: 0x8988244BA9)
Flash detected: Intel JS29F64G08AAME1 (4,294,967,296 bytes)
Programming mode: Parallel I/O
Flash page size: 8,192 bytes (448 bytes extended)
Block size: 2,211,840 bytes
Device interface: NAND (X8 3.3V)
Loading NAND memory map for valid memory
Total bad blocks: 1799
NAND memory map complete: 63,744 pages available for access
Flash device successfully detected and ready for operation

Read memory ro disc creates 2GB file and stopped after reach 50%.
Please help!


  • FCUSB.console.log.txt
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This maybe a computer issue. As in, your hard drive is FAT32 and not NTFS.


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Thank you for answer!
HDD - NTFS, USB 3.0, but not all drivers installed on Windows.
Now i am trying to install all drivers.