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FlashcatUSB XPORT (PCB 2.0) Preview


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Major changes:

1) Uses 56-pin connector, so that XPORT and MACH1 will share the same adapters. 48-pin adapters are to be discontinued. Third party adapters (i.e. zeigren) will be changed to this as well.
2) Adds on board +12V VPP for legacy programming. Lowers overall cost of adapters.
3) Adds solid state relay to support OTP/UV 27 series EPROMs. New adapters: DIP32/DIP40/DIP42 will become available.
4) Adds "Classic" 10-pin SPI/I2C port.

Will be available for sale in 2 weeks time. Users who have the limited edition Voultar version will be given a 2 month upgrade Window if they intend to use the OTP/UV modes.


Couldn't you design some sort of adapter that would allow us to connect a 48-pin adapter to the new 56-pin count board?


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No. The new layout has dedicated pins for aux pins, such as dedicated VPP, Ready/Busy, full control lines: CE/OE/WE, BYTE#, etc. New adapters will take advantage of these pins to support more devices.