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FSUSB with X-Port + Zeigren TSOP48 NOR X8 adapter + 360 clip


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Just looking for a little guidance....Its not detecting the chip correctly. I've used multiple Zeigren adapters, multiple 360 clips, cleaned contacts, ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. When i use FCUSB+Xport only everything works fine...seems the issue is with the Zeigrens adapter and/or 360 clip (but again i have 2 sets of both).

FlashcatUSB Script Engine build: 306
Welcome to the FlashcatUSB interfacing software, build: 589
LibUsbDotNet version:
Running on: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
Serial NOR memory database loaded: 392 devices supported
Serial NAND database loaded: 35 devices supported
Parallel NOR memory database loaded: 312 devices supported
Parallel NAND memory database loaded: 165 devices supported
OTP/UV EPROM memory database loaded: 16 devices supported
Connected to FlashcatUSB XPORT, firmware version: 5.12
Firmware features supported: SPI, I2C, EXTIO
Initializing EXT I/O hardware board
EXT I/O board successfully initialized
Attempting to automatically detect Flash device
Mode NAND X8 ASYNC returned ident code: 0x3838383838
Mode NOR X16 (Word addressing) returned ident code: 0x38FF383838
Mode NOR X16 (Byte addressing) returned ident code: 0x38FF383838
Mode NOR X8 returned ident code: 0x3800383838
Connected to Flash (CHIP ID: 0x3800383838)
Common Flash Interface information not present
For device support email contact@embeddedcomputers.net with the DEVICE ID



If you are able to dump the full nand, then do a compare and see if you can get close to 100% comparison.

I am surprised you are able to get this to work without the need for the external power board.