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I bought a FlashcatUSB Xport from Embedded Computers

I am using the tSOP-48 nand x8 adapter

I get the message "Flash memory detected but not found in flash library".


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I am not familiar with the adapter you have on the XPORT is that from the embedded website ?
To me it seems the connection to the flash is not 100% hence the false reading , doing ISP programming on a device can be complicated due to a lot of issues , hence the reason why the developer actually prefers to program a flash with the chip lifted .

Try and re-seat the clip and see if you can get a different reading , plus there could be other factors when sending power to the board that could interrupt a proper reading of the Chips ID.
can you tell me where i can find this part any website or something i send you a pictures here


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These adapters are from Zeigren , but i don't know if he is still active , did you get the 2 test boards from embedded when you got that adapter , and do they work ?
yes i dont know what happen whit zeigren he dont answer and yes i get it from ebemded nd yes it work whit the two test board they send
So your clip and adapter from Embedded are fine , if they work on the test boards.

What flash chip are you trying to read ?

and also there was a tip on the Embedded website regarding using these adapters

Tip: in some situations it maybe necessary to halt the processor connected to the memory. One solution is to use FlashcatUSB Professional in JTAG mode and issue the HIGH-Z instruction.
i am trying to read this chip MXIC_MX30LF1G18AC_00-07FFFFFF
ok and tried several types of chip for weeks in the end I managed to read some of them but now it is giving me an error to write them, it does not leave me it gives me an error saying error writtin main 0x0 something like that
now i got this errors


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