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Jtag 8 pin chip


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(The dive im try to flash )I have an orginal device I purchased 9 years ago that did forced firmware upgrades with out telling their customers. Since then they up graded their hardware a few times and software alot. With the upgrades for the current hardware they took away features for the gen 1 hardware I own even making my files not compatible with new software. The company does not give you a way to down grade firmware , that's the only way to use older software but I opened my device I have a 8 pin winbond chip and a 8 pin jtag already soldered to the board from them. The device is a basic usb to rs 232 serial cable .
I tried briefly hooking my older blackcat upto the device my pc recognized my blackcat but the bc software didnt it recognize the chip . My bc jtag is about 12 years old. I knowni have the vcc and ground correct the rest is in the air.
Any pointers? I've always followed direction I've never attempted something like this with out support. Should I try to contect to the spi windbond chip then pull a file with putty or.. im open to suggestions.
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To use older version of BCUSB software you will have to follow this post
i cannot guarantee that the older firmware/software will be compatible with your model but you can try.
I have the older software that works with my black cat and actually you new software recognized it as a classic jtag. I'm ok there.
I'm more looking for a plan or guidance to pull the firmware from this chip and rollback to a previous version. I'm pretty lost to tell you the truth.