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Latest Revision PCB v1.7


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Above showing the differance from PCB v1.2 to v1.7.
Only noticable differance is the 3.3 -5v switch

  • Fast 16MHz RISC processor

  • 16KB programmable (holds up to 40KB hex files)

  • 2 DIP switches for mode changes

  • Upgradeable firmware over USB

  • On board reset button

  • Universal CFI Flash programming support

  • SPI Mode 0, 1, 2 compatible

  • USB 1.1 / 2.0 compatible

  • Uses AT90USB162 firmware

  • Dual voltage (3.3v or 5v) output
Available to buy from : http://www.embeddedcomputers.net/products/BlackcatUSB/

I bought 1pc of blackcatusb v1.7 by paypal

I hope you can send it soon bro i have some CableModem waiting for it hehehe...

Manuel Aguilera Aburto
Sorry it wont be me you bought anything off , i do not sell anything .
Thank you!

I already wrote in the "Contact" link...

So i have not nothing to worry about? They are trustable?

I mean 34usd is nothing but i really need the product hehehe.
Hey I got a bcusb 1.7 and had no problems with it till lately. Now when I flash a 5101u spi I get all ff's on dump and written flash. Checked verify option and is says xx mismatch errors while writing flash. Reflashed spi file couple of times but same thing. Is device screwed or how can I test?

Have you changed any software revision since you have encountered these problems ? I know on the SB4200 there is an issue with getting the CPU halted , try programming it now that it is bricked and see if it revives it. I cant see there being an issue with the hardware , as it would most likely fault out on the detection process.
I am not too sure as the design of FCUSB is not mine , but i personally would not risk adding a lower value crystal.
Built-in Atmel DFU can work with 8MHz and 16MHz crystals with autodetect. Was it realized in FCUSB/BCUSB?
Once again i did not design the board or software , so i am unsure if using a 8MHz crystal will work on FCUSB/BCUSB or not.