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MX30LF2G18AC-TI ECC-Settings


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I have 2 Asus RT86U Routers here. One is broken (Empty Flash) and the other is working. I want to copy the content from working flash to empty flash. With Flashcatusb xport.

I already desoldered both Flashes and Soldered TSOP Socket in the broken one.

But im struggling with the ECC settings. I found out its BCH 4bit, with page size 0x800 bytes and spare size 64 bytes.

Could anyone give me a hint how to find out "ECC Location"?? 0x02 is default setting in FlashcatUSB Software.

I already did a full dump (combined) of the working flash.

Also, the Manual describes 2 ECC-Location settings: OOB Middle and OOB End. But in the actual software you can type in any number. This makes the task very complicated... :)



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Did you ever figure this out? I'm on a similar scenario to yours and not sure exactly how to interpret the ECC settings.


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Dunno if this helps - but this is from the boot log

Boot Strap Register: 0x6fc42
Chip ID: BCM4906_A0, Broadcom B53 Quad Core: 1800MHz
Total Memory: 536870912 bytes (512MB)
Status wait timeout: nandsts=0x50000000 mask=0x40000000, count=0
NAND ECC BCH-4, page size 0x800 bytes, spare size used 64 bytes
NAND flash device: , id 0xc2da block 128KB size 262144KB
pmc_init: PMC using DQM mode