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NAND Boot Utility


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Is fcusb software capable of stripping out the ECC data and bad block data from the saved bin, then when flashing a bin back is it capable of writing the missing ECC data and avoid writing to bad blocks?


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This is a lightweight NAND memory utility designed for interlacing boot data
that requires a certain page layout with integrated ECC parity data.

Hello Mr.
Please, can you help me about Samsung K9F1208UOC ? I am trying to copy a K9F1208UOC that has a bootable software. The chip programmed do not boot, although it has been 100% compatible with bin file. I have a perfect original bootable K9F1208UOC . I have FlashcatUSB Mach and I am using 587 software version with Windows 7 Professional. I can`t install 618 version, do not work. Windows 7 error. I have no experience with FlashcatUSB programmer. Thank you so much.


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nice tool, however can you explain in detail what "reverse byte order" exactly means? A tooltip, or a small how-to would be great!
Thank you!