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netgear cg814wg v2 script


New Member
Hey Im trying a netgear cg814wg v2 with bcusb 1.7 and win xp sp3. With blackcat usb 257 it shows it as a 5101. Is there a script to see both flashes? because it only see's one 8 meg flash? I have search for a day or two and cant find nothing. sbh@ck and hax google ect!



Staff member
Only information i can find on this device is at usbjtag.com , and the picture on there only shows 1 tsop48 connected , can you post a picture of the PCB of the device here ? , also when bcusb detects the device , are you capable of retrieving a full flash dump from the flash tab ? if so what is the exact size it extracts.