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no longer able to flash w/ flashcat classic


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I have had a Flashcat Classic FCUSB2X v2.1 for a few years and now it wont program any chips. I am using hook up wires to connect to a ICSP header on a target pcb and other fixtures so there could be non Flashcat issues involved. I am trying to program several different serial flash chips via SPI that I have programmed successfully before such as AT45DB321D. The error is as follows:

Connected to FlashcatUSB Classic, firmware version: 4.50
Firmware features supported: SPI, I2C, EXTIO
Attempting to detect SPI device (auto-detect mode)
Unable to detect compatible SPI device
Unable to detect to SPI NOR Flash device
Disconnected from FlashcatUSB Classic device

I was able to update the firmware however to: FCUSB.CLASSIC.4.50.U2.hex successfully.

Something that might have happened is I might have connected Flashcat's VCC pic to 5V DC when 3.3V was selected on the Flashcat. Would this be expected to damage the Flashcat?

If there's anything else I can do to check or repair it please let me know is I have an extremely tight budget and some deadlines approaching.