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No Windbond Listings In Sofware Dropdown Menu


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I have identified the chip on MSI H67MS-E43(b3) motherboard as Winbond 25xxx series.

I followed diagram to wire Flashcatusb Classic to JSPI1 pin outs on motherboard and the Status tab shows:

Flashcatusb status: Connnected

Device mode: SPI EEPROM

I go in to Mode, Protocol Settings, SPI EEPROM device, click the drop down menu and see Renesas X5083 listed first then Nordic (3 listings), Atmel (10 listings), ST (12 listings), Microchip (5 listings) and Xicor (1 Listing). No Windbond listings. Is there a data library or something I need to update? Any help will be appreciated.


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Set the software to SPI NOR Flash as the bios chip is not an EEPROM


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I need help in connecting this MSI JSPI1 cable just purchased from Embedded Computer and connected via FlashCat Classic to an MSI H67MS-E43(B3) JSPI1 motherboard.
Image 2 is the JSPI1 pinout of the board with pin 1 located in the upper left hand corner of the pin set. I am assuming the red line on the cable tape is to be connected to pin 1 on the motherboard as well as to pin 1 on the FlachCat Classic.
MSI JSPI1 Specific Cable.jpg H67MS-E43(B3) JSPI1 Pinout.jpg
The third image is shows the connection of the JSPI1 adapter to the FlashCat Classic using the array designated on the adapter for an MSI 9 pin set up. The red line is connected to what is indicated as pin 1 on the FlashCat device as indicated in image 4.
Image 5 shows the other end of the cable tape connected to the JSPI1 pin set on the motherboard with the red line of the cable tape in the upper left hand corner.
FlashCat Connected Via Adapter To Board.jpg FlashCat To JSPI1 Pinouts.jpgAdapter Connected To Motherboard.jpg

I get the following error message
FlashCat NOR Screen.jpg
The BIOS chip is a Winbond 25xxx series so it should be recognized. I am sure I must of something wrong with the connections.
I have just about enough knowledge of this topic to get into some real trouble. Any help will be appreciated. Is anyone in the BlackCat Board Community and/or Embedded Computers Tech Admin willing to take this novice by the hand and troubleshoot through this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.