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Official BCUSB 13.5 Release


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Changes or additions since RC13
* This update is a lead up to RC14. RC14 contains many new features, including
Linux and MAC OS support.

+ Fixed: various minor bugs reported to us.

+ Added a few GUI changes, such as a Detect button.

+ Added 6 new SPI flashes from requests.

+ Added 5 new user submitted device scripts.

+ Updated documentation (new commands added, as well as SOIC-8 wiring diagram)

+ Fixed: Fixed SPI device "ST M25P10". It will now read/write correctly.

+ Removed: JTAG.dll and SPI.dll. All functions are now prebuilt into main app.

NOTE : The Netgear_CG814CCR_v2 and DPC3000 scripts included are test scripts , so use at your own risk.



  • BCUSB.RC13.5.rar
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