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Problem to write data to memory; FlashcatUSB XPORT parallel NOR


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Hi there,

I’m trying to use a FlashcatUSB XPORT (PCB 2.0) with TSOP-56 socket to program a parallel NOR flash (Cypress S29GL128P). Reading memory is working without problems, also the Test Pattern script with pattern 1 and 2 works.

But if I generate a binary file, for example with this test pattern and try to flash it, it fails at e.g. 1%. After reset the chip is showing programmed in the attached pattern (see image). In this case only til the address 0x930.

I use latest FlascatUSB Build 592 and newest firmware for the board. I tried different machines with Windows 10 (Build 1909/1903). Do you have any idea what causes this issue?

kind regards



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I did further tests, I was able to flash my created test_pattern.bin (0xAA55) without verification, big-endian mode (32bit) and bit swapping: none.
If i chose big-endian mode (16bit) the flash progress fails with "Write operation was not successful".

Then I tested the Test Pattern script with pattern 2 (0x55AA) again which failed to flash. So I'm unsure if it ever ran it successfully.
After that I created a new test_pattern2.bin with 0x55AA, which I can't flash in using big-endian mode (32bit) only using big-endian mode (16bit).

Can anyone tell my why it is possible to flash the whole NOR flash with 0xAA55 and not with 0x55AA?