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Requst for ATMEL AT27C512R Dip-28 flash memory


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I'd like to request support for this Dip-28 package. Thanks!
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C64", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &H15, Kb064))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C128", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &H16, Kb128))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C256", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &H10, Kb256))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C512", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &H91, Kb512))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C010", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &HE, Mb001))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C020", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &H97, Mb002))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C040", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &H9B, Mb004))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C080", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &H1C, Mb008))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ATMEL AT27C010", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1E, &H5, Mb001))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ATMEL AT27C020", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1E, &H86, Mb002))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ATMEL AT27C040", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1E, &HB, Mb004))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ATMEL AT27C080", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1E, &H8A, Mb008))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ATMEL AT27C512", VCC_IF.X16_5V_12VPP, &H1E, &HF2, Kb512))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ATMEL AT27C1024", VCC_IF.X16_5V_12VPP, &H1E, &HF1, Mb001))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ATMEL AT27C2048", VCC_IF.X16_5V_12VPP, &H1E, &HF7, Mb002))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ATMEL AT27C4096", VCC_IF.X16_5V_12VPP, &H1E, &HF4, Mb004))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("Intel M27C64", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H89, &H7, Kb064))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("Intel M27128A", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H89, &H89, Kb064))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("MX 27C1000", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &HC2, &HE, Mb001))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("MX 27C1001", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &HC2, &HF, Mb001))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("MX 27C2000", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &HC2, &H20, Mb002))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("MX 27C4000", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &HC2, &H40, Mb004))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C64A", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H9B, &H8, Kb064))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C256B", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H20, &H8D, Kb256))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C512", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H20, &H3D, Kb512))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C1024", VCC_IF.X16_5V_12VPP, &H20, &H8C, Mb001))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C1001", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H20, &H5, Mb001))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C2001", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H20, &H61, Mb002))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C4001", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H20, &H41, Mb004))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C801", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H20, &H42, Mb008))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C160", VCC_IF.X16_5V_12VPP, &H20, &HB1, Mb016))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C300", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H20, &H32, Mb032))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ST M27C322", VCC_IF.X16_5V_12VPP, &H20, &H34, Mb032))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("TI TMS27C32", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H97, &H8, Kb032))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("TI TMS27C64", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H97, &H7, Kb064))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("TI TMS27C128", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H97, &H83, Kb128))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("TI TMS27C256", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H97, &H4, Kb256))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("TI TMS27C512", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H97, &H85, Kb512))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("TI TMS27C010", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H97, &HD6, Mb001))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("TI TMS27C020", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H97, &H32, Mb002))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("TI TMS27C040", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H97, &H50, Mb004))

Is the currently supported 27 series devices.

DIP28 requires a DIP28 socket (or you can make your own), but you cant put a DIP28 into a DIP32 socket. We actually have DIP28 sockets for sale upon request.
I got my new DIP-28 Socket but the Flashcat USB software does not detect my AT27C512R chip. What do I need to do to get it to recognize it. Do I need to add new definitions? If I do how do I do that? Thanks!
Hi there, it's solved now I believe...

I submitted most of those AMD etc definitions via email a few months ago now... but not the Atmel list as it was pre-existing. Having a look through it the Atmel 512R isn't listed though and it does have different device IDs.

While looking through that list I also noticed that one of the existing chips ATMEL AT27C512 has a 16 bit programming definition?? Never come across this chip or that ID before so I can't verify it is correct or a mistake but doesn't seem to share a chip ID so probably fine to leave it as is..

However, for the newer 8 bit wide 28 pin 27C512R and the older 8 bit wide 27C512 the following definitions are needed, I have added it to my own build and tried it with the older 512 and I believe Dane has tried the newer 512R variety.

FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ATMEL AT27C512R", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1E, &HD, Kb512))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("ATMEL AT27C512", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1F, &HD, Kb512))