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SB6121 Script


New Member
Does anyone have any idea how to flash this? The pins are 16 pin, and it seems to follow the same as Sb6120, but is there anyone that has a script for this?

Also if anyone knows where the isp pin is located, because it doesn't seem the same as the 6120. The chipset is mxic mx25l6445e. I'd like to be able to flash forceware to it. Thanks for the help


Staff member
From what i have read the 6121 flash layout is similar to the 6120 , so you would be able to use either the 6120 script or the vmg300 script. As for the ISP point , i have no idea as i do not have one of these devices , so the best thing to do is to power Pin2 on the chip with an external 3.3v/5v power source. Note if you use an external power source do not use the modems PSU at the same time.