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SPI Adapter

Also to note, there are 2 versions of the SOIC-8 DIP available: EIAJ and JEDEC. One for wide bodies and the other for short bodies.

Please show how to connect these to each device preferably sb6120 Thank you
It is very straight forward ,if you have one of the above devices ,you remove the chip from the board and insert into the adapter, which in turn connects to the FCUSB.
Ouch removing the chip sounds a bit risky is there an option so that we may beable to flash it with out soldering or desoldering the chip?
Only way to use these adapters on SPI chips is to remove the chip.
If you wish to connect to the chips whilst they are in situe , option is to either solder to the legs of the chip and connect to BCUSB directly or if you have pin headers on the device that are linked to the chip itself.
Well Ambit 256 and surfboard 6120 do not have pin Headers so that isnt an option thank you also your diagram for the 6120 and ambit 256 connecting to the BCUSB is confusing can you make one with colors when the lines on the schematic intersect it can become confusing I will be willing to donate to the site.
Ok i have modified the 2 diagrams depicting the SOIC 8 & 16 SPI chips

These show the VCC going to an external programmer if needed , otherwise just connect them to the VCC on the FCUSB itself.



On the SB6120 the ISP point will connect to the VCC on the FCUSB .
On the A256 you have to connect the ISP point to itself .
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Another Quick Question? can't I just use the 3.3v to 5v that the BCUSB has on pin 10 VCC? instead of using external and if you recommend using external where would I pull that power from?​
Just use the VCC on FCUSB , the external supply is just used if you are powering the chip on Pin2 (SOIC-16) or Pin8 (SOIC-8).
If you do require to use external power to power the chip , then just get an old usb lead and cut it up , once connected to your pc , you can find the 5v end and use that.

Thanks for the donation offer , but at this moment in time it is not needed.
No , Pin10 (VCC) of your FCUSB will go to the ISP point on the SB6120 and on the A256 the VCC is not connected due to the connection of the ISP point
Ok So If im going to use the 6120's power adapter plugged straight into the wall from the 6120 I do not need external Power ?
No you only use external power source to the VCC on the SOIC , when you NOT using the devices power.
ok so back to your diagram if you were to remove the line saying external power 3.3v 5v and just put pin 10 going to isp point wouldnt that be better?
Yes i could , but not all devices have an ISP point , so they would require an external source to power the Chip.
Wow Everything has been cleared up for me Why dont you sell SOIC clips on your store and which do you recommend for FCUSB 1.8
back to the diagram just add external 3.3v -5v or ISP point