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Support for Cypress CY91F592 MCU?


New Member
Considering a Flashcat USB Pro for my project. I have a board I am working on that has a Fujitsu MB19F MCU, now owned by Cypress and called the CY91F592.

The MCU has a Spansion/Cypress S29GL064N External Flash chip. I am trying to read both of these through the on board SPI connections to the CY91F592.

Does Flashcat support this MCU with External Memory? I would like to read the CY91F592 Flash Memory (0x 0007 0000- 0x 0010 000) the Work Flash (0x 0023 0000-0x 0024 0000) and the GDC Control/External Flash which is the S29GL064N (0x 0040 0000- 0x 0640 0000). After reading all of these areas, I would modify and want to reflash some data obviously

Kind of new to flash programming and trying to find out if I will need a custom script or if a software already supports this MCU/External Memory

Here is the memory map.