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Unable to detect CSI i2c EEproms with newer rev HW/Software (PCB 2.2 build 570 and 528).


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I am having an issue with a CSI 24C03WI (actually all CSI parts) and the newer rev Flashcat HW/FW . Our old Rev 2.1 board with build 450 software is able to see the device and read/write to it. However with the newer Rev 2.2 boards with build 570 we cannot detect the CSI 24C03WI (On Semiconductor/Catalyst) device. There are I2c EEproms and CSI is being used as a direct drop in for an Amtel part. I can detect and program the Amtel part with both old and new boards. But cannot recognize the CSI parts with the newer board 2.2 and associated driver and software (works fine with the older boards). I have also tried build 528 with the 2.2 board. Same result as build 570. I may have to return the 6 rev 2.2 boards I bought if I can't find a solution to this problem. Why does the older software/HW detect this CSI part and the newer one does not? And what can I do to get it to work with the newer rev HW/software?