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Unable to program ST Micro M24M02-DRMN6TP I2C EEPROM.


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The EEPROM is detected, and I can read the contents. The device is NOT write protected.

The "Erase all memory" command appears to execute, but only erases a very small amount of the memory (see the FFs in the above screen capture).

BUT Most importantly, I cannot program a file into the EEPROM:

I always get the "Error communicating with I2C device"!

Why will the device not program?



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FYI, I just tried another EEPROM (same part number). Same results. I have no problem using my ASIX Forte programmer to read/erase/program the EEPROM. But the FlashCatUSB Pro will only read the EEPROM. Any ideas why?


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I was also able to verify my Aardvark could successfully read/erase/program the EEPROM. I really want to be able to suggest the FlashCatUSB Pro to all my customers as a more "cost effective" programmer solution! Any help is greatly appreciated.


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We will take a look this weekend. Please confirm that you are using an official socket or you manually wired the connection.


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Thank you! I manually connected the FlashCat to a header on the board (1.8V, GND, SDA, SCL). I connected it the same as I did the Forte and Aardvark programmers and they work fine. The board is not installed in anything, and no power is supplied. Both the Aardvark and Forte can supply the minimal power (1.8V) needed to access/program the M24M02 eeprom (and they both connect to the PC with a standard USB port).

The card is designed as a PCIe add in card.

It's interesting that the FlashCat can detect the eeprom and read the full contents of the memory. I saved the data to a file and did a binary compare to the original file that I programmed into the eeprom with the Aardvark. The files were identical, so the FlashCat properly read the contents (at both 400Khz and 1Mhz speeds).

I appreciate you looking into this!