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User Defined Memory Device Issue


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I have been successfully able to use the FlashcatUSB Classic to program modules on two different tower PC's, however I am having issues on my laptop which I need to have working in the field. I have installed the drivers correctly, as I have twice before.

On the status screen, I am seeing the below:

FlashcatUSB status: Connected
Board Firmware Version: 4.44
Device Mode: Serial Programmable Interface (SPI)
Memory device 1: User-defined (2,097,152 bytes)

The last line, with the user-defined device, is very concerning. I am not connected to any device at this time. This appears the moment I connect the USB. When trying to program, I cannot erase or write data. When I connect to my tower PCs, I do not see the "Memory device 1 : User-defined" message populate. I have tried uninstalling the drivers, then reinstalling them. I had a chip this size about a year ago on an older board, but haven't tried to connect to it since that day. I wonder if there is some sort of cached data somewhere? Using windows 10 on all computers. Can I get some help with this?
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In the Settings option, on SPI tab, do you have Automatic checked?