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WinBond 25Q128BV SPI over BCM4718 JTAG


You can also try grabbing 3.3v or 5v from the bcusb jumper pins, run a wire thru the jumper eye and twist, or for a more permanent solution you can solder the wire or a jumper pin to the jumper and place on the voltage selector of your fcusb (its also a good way to join two pins like vcc+hold and have one single connection)

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hi folks.i have a bricked e4200.i tried serial but i cant interrupt the cfe so if i get it right i have to erase somehow the nvram to recover it.jtag could be an option but i dont have jtag adapter / parallel port but i do have a ch341 spi programmer and spare winbond flash chips too
can you help me how to apporach it?
firstly do i have to desolder the flash chip to write it?
does it enough to clear the chip and write just the cfe on it than continue in serial?
or may i need a full flash dump?