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Flash sb5101U in spi mode


How-To flashing Haxorware with BlackCatusb v1.7​
Id like to thank D3m0n for all his help, helping me

things needed:​
blackcatusb v1.7 (programmed to spi mode)​
sb5101U script (thanks to D3m0n)​
some soldering skills or a test clip​
an external 5v power source​

(the whole process does not require you to power the modem via power adapter)
first solder the 6 wires to the spi chip
(as picture states...exclude the hold# wire as i found it not neccesary)

second solder wires to the ISP

third Connect soldered wires to BCusb

now connect usb cable to BCusb

jump the ISP

now apply the external 5v power source to the VCC wire

load sb5101U script

start up the blackcat software
disconnect usb cable from BCusb, remove the 5v power source and disconnect ISP
now plug in power adapter to modem and

then flash haxorware in the 5101 tab

thats all your done....test!
Id like to thank D3m0n for all his help, helping me
BCusb SPI- pin out.png Picture 17.jpg Picture 14.jpg Picture 15.jpg


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Quick question , why are you jumpering the ISP points , when you are using external 5v ? The ISP pins only need to be bridged if you are powering the modem and not using an external power source.
well it dont work unjumpered.......im guessing cause the spi chip its still soldered to the main board and seems to make a unbridged connection?
That is very strange , i have a similar device , that uses that bridging method for ISP and ISP works ok using it with power , but using external 5v , i do not need it jumpered.
well when i apply the external 5v it powers the all 5 led lights and they stay on.....i just tried it without the isp being jumped ...does not detect it unless it is jumped
Very strange , maybe that is why so many people were having issues with that particular modem ,, all i can say is Well Done on solving the issue and making it easier for others.
Having a problem with 5101u.
Got my blackcatusb v1.8 with 1.09 spi firmware. Did everything same, but for some reason programmer can't see modem. Just telling connected or can't detect chipset(looks really strange)
can you take any pics of everything u got connected? or post a video on youtube of what u r doing that helps also
What is your bcusb set to 3.3v or 5v , some devices only get a detection using 1 or the other voltages.
yeah just and f.y.i i had mine at 5v....whats the difference on BCUSB v1.8?

According to the developer there is just a minor change in v1.8, it now uses a SMD crystal instead of through-hole.
Hey tell me how do I put my bcusb 1.7 into spi mode? I flipped switch 2 on bc then 1 ect but bc software dosnt show avr tab to flash bc? I sent a pic of what blackcat program shows.

Also where do I find sb5101u script?
anyone knows why in SP1 mode i'm getting device not recognized (XP SP3 Pro up to date) with jtag mode it work OK.

after i upgrade says install success then when i start application windows says unrecognized usb device, if i press the reset always takes me to the Avr update tab

i got pcb 1.2, does it support FCUSB.3.05.SPI.hex or should i use another firmware version?

i want to try with this model SB5101U, i have all set up.. but until i can't fix this issue i can't know for sure if all my connections are OK as the diagram.

drivers problems ?

it's always starting in DFU boot looder mode, and there is the AVR firmware tab... i'm missing something?

i have the the 1/2 positions (closest to the jtag pin header)

Pleaseeeee help
if i can't make this old pc 1.2 to work i wish to know if posible by serial (max232 connection or similar) if anyone knows the tx rx locations.... i would like a picture or diagram to deal with this.

please i want to know if the latest firmware really support the pcb 1.2.. i'm feeling it does not, .. because all is working with the jtag 16k firmware

i get device not recognized when i connect the usb cable, if i press the reset i get recognition but only to update the firmware (AVR Firmware tab) with the blackcat software

got it thanks alot!!!!!! i applied external 5 v power source but did not jumpered the ISP neither power on the modem.. i'm correct ?

i get device detected but not supported.. i got the script in the script folder for SB5101U but how to load the script if the option is greyed out/disabled?

says connected to flash (JEDEC: 00 0000)

if the device was detected means my connections are OK ?

i'm using the coonections as shown in SPI_Connection_8_ext_VCC.png

so if i supplied power source 5v + i don't need to use external modem power's source (12v) to power it on and neither jump the ISP ?

i got the SP1 settings automatically checked

i'm unsure if i need to supply from the external 5v to the vcc board in blackcat, the tutorial shows it like that...

i need advices/ideas.. please


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