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FlashcatUSB Classic v2.2 help


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hello my good people good day I have a problem is that I buy the flashcatusb Classic and I have tried with several versions and firmware and I do not recognize the SB5100 and SB5101 modems that I must do that type of firmware and program use someone to help me in this problem and I have Windows 10 it is already installed the drivers and everything but it does not recognize the help modems please


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The newest version should be ok, you might just need the right script to get it going... I was having the Dammn same problem.


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Hello Daddy_phill0201 thanks for your input but I install the program Flashcatusb Compilation 572 Ability in the program What is the firmware I must install on the board That in the options I must mark the board the voltage is at 5V and look at 1 and 2 is fine and in the program looks frame Options I connect my SB5100 and SB5101 and does not detect what exactly to do



Problem 1 you are using the IDC cable, do not use this cable as the JTAG pinout is non standard.
Problem 2 in the latest software the script still needs to be updated
Problem 3 the FCUSB classic will have JTAG removed in future versions

Solution is to use an older version of the software, you will need to find which version.