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FlashCatUSB xPort How To I2C & SPI EEPROMS


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Hello, I have a FlashCatUSB xPort, please let me know how to program the following devices:


I discovered that is easy with FlashCatUSB Classic (more documented), unfortunately I purchased the FlashCatUSB xPort thinking that it support all the devices supported by the FlashCatUSB Classic and many more devices (NOR / NAND) because it include more pins / connections

Well, not problem, I think that the FlashCatUSB xPort is perfectly capable of program the mentioned devices (24Cxx, 950x0), only need to know where solder some wires, please help me.

Thank you.



Those holes you point out are "vias" used to connect a trace on the top of the PCB to one on the bottom.

As per the official xPort page its supposed to come included with a "10-pin port adapter adds full compatibility with FlashcatUSB Classic" unless you purchased it from another source.
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Hello ricktendo, mine is original (I think exactly the pictured one) but second hand, can someone provide a picture or better a schematic of the "10 pin port adapter" please ?

Thank you.