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XPORT won't detect any AT27 series chips


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I recently purchased a dip28 socket of programing 27C512R chips but I can't get the xport to recognize them.
I get the same thing when I try to use 27C040 or 27C020 chips.

I'm running the latest build (624) from march.

Here's my console script.

FlashcatUSB Script Engine build: 310
Welcome to the FlashcatUSB interfacing software, build: 624
Running on: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (64 bit)
Serial NOR memory database loaded: 478 devices supported
Serial NAND database loaded: 0 devices supported
Parallel NOR memory database loaded: 365 devices supported
Parallel NAND memory database loaded: 295 devices supported
OTP/UV EPROM memory database loaded: 41 devices supported
Connected to FlashcatUSB XPORT, firmware version: 5.23
Detecting connected Flash device...
Initializing Parallel NOR device mode
Parallel mode successfully initialized
Attempting to automatically detect Flash device
Flash device not detected in Parallel I/O mode

When I Initially requested support for the 27C512 chip I was told it was supported and just needed a new stocket.

Pantheon said these should be in the definitions.

FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C512", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &H91, Kb512))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C010", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &HE, Mb001))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C020", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &H97, Mb002))
FlashDB.Add(New OTP_EPROM("AMD AM27C040", VCC_IF.X8_5V_12VPP, &H1, &H9B, Mb004))

At a bit of a loss for how to proceed.

For what it is worth on the latest build I can no longer engage bootloader mode. When I switch the jumper to the "FW" setting nothing happens.
Hello, I submitted those definitions, as well as ones for many legacy EPROM chips. so they do work.

You are in Parallel I/O mode though... From the Mode menu you need to select EPROM / OTP first and re-detect.

The 27C040 are 4mb 32 pin, i assume you have the correct socket for those.
Thanks for the reply. I do have the 32 pin socket as well as the 28 pin socket.

None of them are recognized in EPROM/OTP but if I use Parallel/NOR the 27C040 is detected but not found in the flash library.
I think that might just be the way the software is reporting that the chip is unidentified.. it does have to be in the EPROM/OTP mode to work with those chips... do you have the 32 pin socket with the switches on them? The 27C040 probably has a different pinout than the standard socket without switches (A19 etc)... I have both so I can double check for you... what brand / markings are on the chip specifically, I have thousands of EPROMs here so if I have the same chip I can test it on my setup here.
Sent you a message, couldn't see the 512R in the internal database, as per message if you let me know what specific brands / markings are on the chips you are having issues with I can try it with my own xport / same chip... the way chip detection works is by looking at the hardcoded values inside of an eprom device, unfortuantly every manufacturer uses different codes so while some brands of chip(s) may be in the database others might not have been added... the EPROM / OTP is particularly small at the moment, it was about 13 or so until I submitted a few dozen more, its a couple of hundred now but I haven't submitted the changes through yet as I was translating the software too.
Awesome thanks. I'll take a look and get back to you with the exact chip markings shortly.