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SB5101 flash not detected

Out of curiosity , can you connect up the 5100 you have and see if that detects ?
I find it hard to believe that there is an issue with the board itself , if you have a multi meter you should be able to check the continuity of the pins from the board to fcusb
Can you now check the voltages on your fcusb pins and then the votages on the pins on the board
On the modem just connect power then with your multimeter check the vcc on pins 1,3,5,7,9 whilst grounding it , similar with FCUSB just connect usb and then check VCC on pins 1,2,3,5,7 obviously both devices are not connected together when checking the relatice voltages
On the board pins 1,3,7,9 should all be about 3.3v and nothing on pin 5
Not sure if this is correct but my power supply says the output is 12V but if I measure with mutlimeter it shows me 25V
Give me a second. I will test it on adjustable power supply which is calibrated by professional company
Later tonight I will check with the right power supply and SB5100 and let you know ;)
Hey I got the SB5101 connected again. Don't know why but it all work only if I switch to +5V power on the FCUSB. And script works also.
5100 connects in same manner as 5101.

Excellent at least we know the modem and device is fine , and as script now loads you should be able to flash your desired image ,,, but once again , make sure you have backups of your original cfi flash before you do anything
Yes in the hax write load the lite version
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